Separator rib configuration or Rib pattern

The separator can be designed with various rib heights and types (diagonal or straight ribs, several inter-rib spacings, .) to suit the specific needs of the battery manufacturer rather than offer a standard, fit-for-all solution. Indeed, depending on the design of the battery and the performance of the plates, more or less electrolyte should be available on the positive (or negative) plate to ensure optimal performance. The optimal choice leads to longer life and better performance. Why take standard solutions not optimised for your specific battery design? It is, for example, hard to understand how the choice of a flat separator side on the positive plate can be optimal.

Separators for gel applications :

The Amer-Sil separator has the best pore size distribution and the highest volume porosity, which facilitate oxygen recombination. Therefore, the AS separator is ideal for gel applications and leads to best performance and longest life.
Previous studies have shown that the performances of OPzV cells with Amer-Sil separators are outstanding and can last for more than 20 years in the field.