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A closer look to gauntlets

  • Retain the active mass PbO2
  • Minimize active mass loss
  • Maintain the active mass well constrained around the lead spine despite its repetitive expansion and retraction during cycling.
  • Allow maximum ionic transfer through the gauntlet pores
  • Provide effective solution (gauntlets with side protection) against short circuits due to mossing: this is the standard solution for the large majority of gauntlets in Europe.

Amer-Sil gauntlets

Amer-Sil offers a complete range of products in order to better fit each specific application. Two gauntlet technologies are available:

  • Woven gauntlets
  • Non-woven gauntlets :
    • with standard polyester fabric (AS03)
    • with reinforced polyester fabric (AS03A)
    • new, optimized fabric family (AS10)

Amer-Sil gauntlets are for use in any industrial application: in traction and stationary batteries, in flooded as well as in VRLA batteries.

Solutions have been designed to respond to specific customer needs in terms of process and/or product properties :

  • Reinforced mechanical properties for better processability
  • Improved elasticity for better active mass compression in critical cycling applications
  • Side protection to avoid lateral short circuits
  • Full tube insulation to avoid the use of additional plastic tubes (process advantages) for electrolyte agitation or for other uses
  • Long gauntlets to enable local cutting-to-size
  • Various shapes and diameters fit for your specific plate design

Gauntlets for applications : Advantages

Flooded batteries:

Non-woven gauntlets are preferred today for flooded applications (PzS, OPzS).
The fine pore structure retains efficiently the active mass and improves considerably cycle life. The low electrical resistance increases the capacity and facilitates charge acceptance.
However, for process reasons, woven gauntlets are still used by a few battery manufacturers. In certain parts of the world, woven gauntlets offer a price advantage and are therefore more common for the time being.

Gel batteries:

With the product developed by Amer-Sil (AS03A), the use of non-woven gauntlets is now possible in gel batteries (PzV,…) :

  • The high quality of the continuous polyester filaments used to produce the non-woven fabric AS03A as well as an additional amount of a special acrylic resin used to further protect the base material, make the gauntlets resistant to keep its integrity and properties during the whole battery life
  • The improvement of the mechanical properties (especially elasticity) compared to the standard product AS03 ensure a better active mass compression and the requested battery longevity

However, Woven gauntlets remain preferred today for many of the gel applications :
Woven gauntlets offer a further improved constraint of the active mass around the spine and less tendency to expand, therefore better maintaining the intimate contact between the active mass and the gelled electrolyte.

OPzS stands for :
O = Ortsfest (stationary)
Pz = PanZerplatte (tubular plate)
S = Flüssig (flooded)

PzS stands for : Traction (forklift...)
Pz = PanZerplatte (tubular plate)
S = Flüssig (flooded)

OPzV stands for :
O = Ortsfest (stationary)
Pz = PanZerplatte (tubular plate)
V = Verschlossen (closed)

PzV stands for :
Pz = PanZerplatte (tubular plate)
V = Verschlossen (closed)