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          September 2014
14 ELBC- Edinburg- Scottland

Amer-Sil S.A and VIDYUT insulation Pvt, Ltd Indian Joint Venture

Amer-Sil S.A., a leading producer of separators and gauntlets for industrial batteries, and Vidyut Insulation Pvt Ltd, the first established producer of woven tubular bags in India, have joined forces to form Amer-Sil Vidyut Microporous Membranes Pvt, Ltd.

With two production sites in India, the Joint Venture will increase the production of woven tubular bags, introduce non-woven gauntlet technology and produce industrial battery separators. The current Managing Director of Vidyut, Mr. Rohit Kauntia, will be responsible for this newly formed Joint Venture Company. The headquarters of AMER-SIL VIDYUT Microporous Membranes Pvt, will be located in Hyderabad (AP).

Amer-Sil Vidyut will provide superior quality and service and a wider product range, at competitive prices, for tubular bags. The new JV will also offer local supply of superior separators for inverters, gel and other stationary batteries. This will contribute to the continuous improvements in life, performance and cost that are increasingly required for the various battery types.

For further information please contact us at the folowing addresses:

61, Rue d’Olm   
L-8281 Kehlen 
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AMER-SIL VIDYUT Microporous Membranes Pvt
Survey No 182-183, Chilkamarry Village,
Faruqnagar Mandal, Mahboobnagar Dist-509216
Andhra Pradesh
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Amer-Sil, the reputed specialist for separators & gauntlets in industrial lead acid batteries

Since 1970, Amer-Sil has produced high quality, micro-porous polymer/silica separators for use in any industrial application, in traction and stationary batteries, in flooded as well as in VRLA batteries. They are available in any pattern, sizes and thicknesses.

Amer-Sil is the historic specialist in non-woven gauntlets for industrial batteries with tubular positive plates and helped nearly all battery manufacturers convert from woven to non-woven gauntlets.
In 2005, Amer-Sil acquired Tergar, a producer of woven and non-woven gauntlets.

Today, Amer-Sil offers a complete range of woven & non-woven gauntlets for industrial batteries with tubular positive plates.
They can be used in any application: in traction and stationary batteries, in flooded as well as in VRLA batteries. They are available in many sizes, diameters and number of tubes.

Amer-Sil's production facilities and offices are located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe. In addition, a second production plant is located in China.
Amer-Sil is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Moore Company, with headquarters in Westerly, R.I., USA.