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Amer-Sil brochure

Separator profiles

Corrugated separators

Ribbed separators

Non-woven gauntlets

Woven gauntlets

Gauntlets characteristics

Strategies for counteracting hydrogen evolution
and water loss in lead-acid batteries

presented by Dr Mateusz Donten (Amer-Sil) in 2019 during the 18
th Asian Battery Conference and Exhibition



Battery Council International (BCI)
Trade association of manufacturers of original-equipment and after-market automobile batteries and other lead-acid batteries

Association for the European manufacturers of automotive, industrial and energy storage batteries.

International Lead Association (ILA)
Organisation dedicated to serving lead producers and other companies that have a direct interest in lead and its use

Essential Energy Everyday
Initiative to increase awareness of the critical importance of lead batteries to power daily lives. Supported by BCI and ILA.

Charge The Future
Charge the Future demonstrates how lead batteries and the lead battery industry are supporting Europe’s low carbon future.

Research and training project funded by the European Union’s Marie-Sklodowska-Curie programme.
Amer-Sil is one of the 11 partner organizations.

Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)
PhD grant 2019 for Amer-Sil R&D department.

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