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RFB Batteries in Energy Storage Systems

In redox flow batteries (RFB), our PVC-silica microporous separators represent a unique alternative to most commonly chosen ion-exchange membranes (IEM).
The separator has been optimized for low electric resistivity and minimal electrolyte crossflow by tuning the pore structure of the membrane. It is available at an attractive price representing just a fraction of that charged for IEMs.
Amer-Sil believes that microporous separators can play a crucial role in lowering the overall costs of RFB systems without compromising their performance, thus making this technology more competitive and accelerating its growth.

Amer-Sil small pore separators can be successfully adopted in various types of RFBs – vanadium, zinc bromine, all-iron. They are particularly suitable for symmetric electrolyte systems and their performance capabilities have been proven in prototype tests with vanadium-type batteries.

For more information about our Research & Development for RFB, please click here.

If you are developing a RFB solution, we would be happy to examine
how Amer-Sil can help you with a customized solution.

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