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Industrial Lead Acid Batteries

Amer-Sil gauntlets for tubular plates are suitable for use in any industrial application: in traction and stationary batteries, in flooded batteries and in gel.

Amer-Sil benefits from the largest and most advanced manufacturing network worldwide, drawing on continuous improvements and pursuing a lean approach which is founded on strong automotive credentials among our production and process management.

At Amer-Sil we offer the widest range of products to match each specific application more effectively. Amer-Sil and its joint venture Amer-Sil Ketex India are by far the largest suppliers of gauntlets worldwide.


All gauntlets

Available in different fabrics (different pore size, stiffness and fibre type), depending on the application

Various shapes (round, square, elliptical) and diameters/lengths can be customized to any specific plate design-Also available in 2-meter length

Manufacturing lines designed and built “in-house” to allow the best flexibility in terms of products and customization

Optimized products to help our customers enhance battery performance and optimize the tubular plate manufacturing process – we offer different solutions to provide the best match for any plate filling system (dry, slurry and paste filling)

Manufacturing network allowing fast delivery to any location and strong backup for any issues which might arise regarding one of our factories

Non-woven gauntlets

Available in “spun bond” and “spun lace” fabric

High-quality polyester fabric

Fabrics in several reinforced variant for critical filling or operating conditions

Woven gauntlets

Made of high-quality polyester yarns

Different types of yarns available

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